Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Baseball anyone?

Want to discuss things with your Congresswoman?
pony up your 1000 bucks...

Members of Congress have taken advantage of the arrival of the Washington Nationals by charging lobbyists and other contributors as much as $1,250 to attend baseball games with them at RFK Stadium, extending a long-standing practice in which politicians have used Redskins, Wizards and Capitals games as fundraising venues.


On April 19, for example, lobbyists and friends of Rep. David Joseph Weldon (R-Fla.) went to a game against the Florida Marlins. A ticket to the game cost a political action committee, or PAC, $1,000, and an individual $750, according to the National Republican Congressional Committee Web site. Rep. Melissa Hart (R-Pa.) charged a little more -- $1,250 for a PAC, $1,000 for an individual -- when the Pittsburgh Pirates took on the Nationals on June 29.


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