Sunday, October 23, 2005

Can we clone Bernie Sanders?

From his issues page:
Perhaps earlier than any other member of Congress, Bernie Sanders has been leading the charge against the growing consolidation of media in America and the dangers imposed on our democracy when a handful of corporations control what we see, hear and read. During the last year Bernie held the first Congressional Town Meeting on Corporate Control of the Media and has invited such media activists as Bob McChesney and John Nichols to Vermont. He has also introduced legislation that would rescind the terrible FCC decision of June 2, 2003 that would allow for more media consolidation and has presented the Speaker of the House with a letter signed by over 200 members demanding a vote on a Resolution of Disapproval with regard to that FCC decision.

Bernie believes that our current trade policies, NAFTA, PNTR with China and the WTO have been a disaster for American workers. At a time when we have lost 2.7 million manufacturing jobs over the last 3 years, 16% of our entire manufacturing sector, Bernie believes that the time is long overdue to make fundamental changes in our trade policies. He believes those policies should protect the needs of ordinary Americans, and not just the large multi-nationals that are shutting plants down in this country and are moving to China and hiring people there for pennies an hour. Recently, Bernie introduced legislation that would repeal PNTR with China and has already acquired over 50 bi-partisan
co-sponsors for that bill. He has also just returned from Mexico on a trip sponsored by the Teamsters where he, and other members of Congress, saw the devastating impact of NAFTA on the working people of that country.

Bernie has been one of the leaders in Congress in opposition to the war in Iraq. He fears very much that the American occupation of Iraq will not only be ineffective in the fight against terrorism, but that it will lead to its growth and contribute to the dangers facing the international community. At a time when needs in our own country are being under-funded, and when veterans in this country are seeing cut-backs in their benefits, Bernie voted against the $87 billion that the President requested for Iraq. Given where we are right now, Bernie believes that the United Nations and the international community should take the lead in stabilizing and rebuilding Iraq, and that American troops should be withdrawn as soon as feasible.


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