Thursday, October 13, 2005

Georgia Berner speaks up

From the PG:
Georgia Berner, a Lawrence County businesswoman, kicked off her campaign for Congress yesterday with an assault on Rep. Melissa Hart's record on Social Security and trade.

Ms. Berner is seeking the Democratic nomination to challenge the Bradford Woods Republican in the 4th Congressional District. Jason Altmire, a former executive with UPMC also is seeking the Democratic nomination.

"Melissa Hart has led efforts to privatize Social Security and eliminate the guaranteed benefit for seniors," Ms. Berner said at a news conference outside the Ross Municipal Building. "I'm a career businesswoman who has created good jobs in Western Pennsylvania; Melissa Hart is a career politician who has voted for unfair trade deals that send jobs overseas."

She referred to Ms. Hart's support for international trade pacts including a recent vote in favor of the Central American Free Trade Agreement.

A spokesman for the three-term incumbent rebutted Ms. Berner's criticisms, portraying Ms. Hart as a defender of the retirement system's solvency. Angelo Terrana, Ms. Hart's press secretary, said that she had supported the concept of optional personal accounts as part of a long-term plan to shore up the Social Security system. Critics of the Social Security proposals advanced by the Bush administration maintain that personal or private accounts would drain money from the system, worsening its longer term financial condition.

Ms. Berner, 63, is the president of Berner International Corp., a New Castle firm that manufactures products including air doors, designed to form a barrier to retain heat or air conditioning through open doors.

I was beginning to wonder if she was still in the race or not. She's saying the right things about Melissa Hart.


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