Monday, October 24, 2005

hyping of the ethics issue

I wonder if our Congresswoman still stands by her statements from May of this year......... from a Max Blumenthal post:

CENTER TWP. - U.S. Rep. Melissa Hart derided the national media for its unrelenting coverage of congressional ethics Friday, during a Beaver County Chamber of Commerce breakfast.

Hart, R-4, Bradford Woods, used most of her time to explain the need for Social Security reform.

But in her opening remarks, Hart referred to the "media, sort of, hyping of the ethics issue" that has dogged House Majority Leader Rep. Tom DeLay, R-Texas...

"The national media have not done justice to the American people," Hart said.

Hart has also had her ethics questioned by Democratic groups that have said she should not oversee any investigation because she accepted $15,000 from DeLay's political action committee and had a fund-raiser at a Washington, D.C., restaurant owned by Abramoff.

Hart has said the donation from a House leader is not unusual.

On Friday, she said Abramoff's restaurant, which was paid $1,600, was chosen simply because it was a good location. The event, Hart said, was handled ethically and legally.

"It is a (media) feeding frenzy," she said of the intense scrutiny. "We just get used to it."
It's not the national media that have not done justice to the American people - it's the Republican Party. Republican arrogance is stunning.


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Amy Grant in Ohio: "You were used. We were used."
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