Monday, October 31, 2005

Kurtz = putz

Some of the stuff in Howie's latest are mindboggling...
First of all the title of his column is "Scandal Overkill?" Then you have stuff like this:
So when Rove was not indicted in the CIA leak case Friday, it almost seemed like a victory for the White House.
I don't think having the first White House officer indicted since the Grant administration is "almost a victory", and we still don't know what's going to happen to Rove.
What happened to the normal journalistic skepticism toward a single-minded special prosecutor, as was on display when Ken Starr was pursuing Bill Clinton?
What??? did Howie live in another reality during the 90's? What "journalistic skepticism," journalists gleefully reported every scrap Starr threw out to them.
If the media pound Bush over the Fitzgerald probe for months, they risk a public backlash.
I think the public would like to know the truth. Then he finishes his column with this little ditty.
Strip everything else away, though, and Libby, like Clinton, is accused of lying.
See, no difference, lying about outing CIA agents or consensual sex, no difference. This is the first week after the indictments and already we're hearing crap like this. Unbelievable.


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