Wednesday, November 02, 2005

save the vote

Why does the media continue to ignore voter fraud? Why are only a handful of Democrats raising their voices, if nothing is done before the 2006 elections we're screwed again. The non-partisan GAO finished their investigation and released a damning report, confirming many of the suspicions and allegations of John Conyers and citizens groups about electronic voting.

From page 2 of the Report: (via Bradblog)

Examples of Voting System Vulnerabilities and Problems

-Cast ballots. ballot definition files, and audit logs could be modified.

-Supervisor functions were protected with weak or easily guessed passwords.

-Systems had easily picked locks and power switches that were exposed and unprotected.

-Local jurisdictions misconfigured their electronic voting systems, leading to election day problems.

-Voting systems experienced operational failures during elections.

-Vendors installed uncertified electronic voting systems.

Time to send some more letters.


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