Thursday, November 03, 2005

We're almost in hell

This is frightening -read it all here.
It now appears that neither Congress nor the judiciary will defend the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. I add to this list of crimes against history, and against what the United States once stood for, the fact that Congress has also completely abdicated its Constitutional responsibility with regard to declaring war, as I discussed the other day.

I will repeat the central point about the Padilla case. If the Supreme Court hears the current appeal (which I am almost certain it will), and if the Supreme Court upholds the president's "right" to throw any American in jail for the rest of his life simply on the president's word, then liberty and freedom in this country are dead. The rest is simply a matter of time. The president will have the same fundamental power that any other absolute dictator has: the only questions will be whether he chooses to use it, and whether he chooses to use it against you.

But is the Padilla case a major story, one that most Americans know about? No. Do the Democrats or any Republicans talk about it and its significance regularly? No. Does anyone in the political or media establishment appear genuinely to give a damn that our country is on the verge of destruction? No.

So, fine. Carry on the debates about the misuse of intelligence before the war on Iraq. Jockey for political advantage. Have a grand time.

Every single element is almost in place to end individual liberty for all time in the United States. Very few people know it. Very few people discuss these issues regularly.

We're almost in hell -- and almost no one understands or talks about what is happening.

I take no consolation at all from the fact that every single American will know it soon enough. Then it will be far too late. I'm sure many people will be very, very sorry.

And it won't matter a damn.
We all need to take action, Contact Congress , join the ACLU and/or People for the American Way.

Do you want this to come true............. "If this were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator," Bush joked.


Blogger dada said...

Great post rk. I keep tellin myself, "Oh well, it's what the people want." I'm not sure I believe that anymore but it's certainly what the people deserve if that's what it comes to.

You know, I was over on some conservative's blog. The ACLU is a communist organization to them. Ignorant bastards.

But I appreciate you trying to warn us. Keep it up!

11:34 PM  

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