Saturday, January 28, 2006

Can Byrd can be persuaded?

I'm absolutely baffled by Senator Byrd supporting Alito. My son bought me his book "Losing America - Confronting a Reckless and Arrogant presidency," a couple of years ago as a Christmas gift. Here's an excerpt from the introduction:
But, in fact, in the months and years following the collapse of those twin towers, another sort of abandonment has commenced. In our horror and shock over the bizarre and unexpected attacks in New York and Washington and the thwarted atempt in Pennsylvania on September 11, a slow unraveling of the peoples's liberties has begun. From the ambivalence of the Congress, to the pandering nature of media coverage, to the passive attitude of too many of our citizens, we are - all of us - guilty of aoding and abetting a heinous process.

Today, I am angry, having bent my back and my brain in service to my country for over fifty years. I have tried to imbue all that I strive for in life with my utmost efforts, especially my forty-five years in the United States Senate. Long in awe of the institution I serve, I studied its roots in acient Rome and read dozens of archaic tomes on Roman history. Along the way, I wrote a book about the Roman Senate. I have studied both the British roots of our system and the Federalist Papers, pondering the lives of the framers and founders and set down a four-volumn history of the United States Senate. I have read the journals and the writings of early Senators. I carry a copy of the Constitution in my shirt pocket nearly all the time.

Through this careful study, I hold a deep personal appreciation for the bedrock importance of our Constitution and the wisdom of its framers. Only the Constitution's genius, I believe, affords our people the powers and prerogatives that truly keep us a free nation, most centrally through maintenance of the checks and balances and separation of powers. Such long study has made me painfully aware of why lives have been lost throughout history to protect these essential principals. For a long while I have viewed with dismay each and every assault on the separation of powers, and the continual grasping and groping for more and more power from presidents of both political parties. But never with such alarm as now. How can we be so comatose as a nation when so many damaging and radical changes are at once thrust upon us? In trying to describe our situation - and our apathy - I often turn to a book title of some years ago: Sleepwalking Through History by Haynes Johnson. What follows is my attempt to awaken us all before it is too late.

Now if he truly believes what he wrote this book, then he can be persuaded to vote against, and to filibuster Alito....... just use some of his own words to convince him. (ask him who's apathetic now?)

Senator - Washington office at 202-224-3954
Charleston office at 304-342-5855
Fax - 304-343-7144
email - email -


Blogger Siun said...

Thanks for posting this - I've just faxed Sen. Byrd with a quote from his words, asking him to stand wit h us now.

Let's keep it going!

9:23 PM  
Blogger california_reality_check said...

He may be tired and possibly wants to honor his committment to the gang of 14. It will be hard to turn him.

7:14 PM  

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