Monday, January 30, 2006

Tell Allegheny County to say no to Diebold

I realize it's BorkAlito day, but we have a serious local issue that needs addressed. Allegheny County is seriously considering purchasing Diebold machines. I saw this post yesterday on Mark Crispin Miller's blog.

Here are some interesting articles about Diebold:
State rebuffs raw vote demand
The Soon-to-be-Indicted Rep. Bob Ney of Ohio's Connection To Electoral Fraud
Diebold's Failure in California
Diebold insider alleges company plagued by technical woes, Diebold defends 'sterling' record

And who can forget Wally O'Dell's (former CEO of Diebold) famous statement that he was "committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president,"

I attended a public hearing back on November 17th that the Allegheny County Council held on this very subject. Council is very aware with the problems with Diebold and with not having a verifiable paper receipt. I don't understand why they would even consider using them.

Please drop them a email, fax or a phone call and tell them not to spend your tax dollars on Diebold!

Dan Onoronto -, Phone: (412) 350-6500, Fax: (412) 350-6512
John DeFazio, Phone:(412) 350-6516, Fax: (412) 350-6499
Dave Fawcett -, Phone: (412) 350-6520, Fax: (412) 350-6499


Blogger Hair on Fire said...

Dear Pennsylvania Election Activists:

I am responding to your call for help on the Diebold blitzkreig on Allegheny County.

I wish I could help, but I'm in Oregon. I want to recommend that you contact the lawyers at this website. This is the exact kind of case they handle.

I hope this helps you in time. Good luck,

Ginny Ross

5:20 PM  

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