Friday, February 03, 2006

Fighting Dems

Time to Change Congress
The next time some shit for brains Repug tells you that only his party supports the troops, ask him why there are over 50 veterans running for Congress as Democrats?

From their website, Fighting Dem Vets for Congress :

It is with great pride that there are over fifty American military veterans, who have once again answered this nation’s call and are running for Congress as Democrats. Men and women who have proven their abilities as leaders, and have lived their lives with integrity and honor. They have stood watch and fought to protect our way of life. Now they seek to take the fight to Congress and to continue that fight in the halls of our Capitol and to ensure our rights stay protected.

The Veterans’ Alliance for Security and Democracy (VETPAC) is committed to helping these men and women achieve success at the polls in November. VETPAC is dedicated to promoting the values for which veterans have served, fought and died. With your help, VETPAC can give these courageous men and women, of proven leadership and dedication to duty, the resources they need to be elected to Congress and help this country heal and stay strong.


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