Tuesday, February 07, 2006

getting kind of hard to sleep at night

First I see this story:
A Houston-based construction firm with ties to the White House has been awarded an open-ended contract to build immigration detention centers that could total $385 million a move that some critics called questionable.

The contract calls for KBR, a subsidiary of oil engineering and construction giant Halliburton, to build temporary detention facilities in the event of an "immigration emergency," according to U.S. officials.


Vice President Dick Cheney is Halliburton's former CEO.

Then I happen UPON THIS...
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"We believe...that we have all the legal authority we need," Cheney said.


Blogger dada said...

When I first read about the $385 million allocated to build detention camps, I got momentarily lost remembering those wonderful German investments in those great camps like Treblinka, Belzec, Chelmno, Auschwitz and others. I was imagining how me and my family might one day get to go to our own government summer camp where we might learn the art of baking and other stuff!

But in a sudden epiphany of relief, the other half of the story hit me. These are contracts awarding millions and billions to the Veep's Halliburton and its subsidiaries to build these internment camps and we all know those companies don't really build anything. They're just funnels to siphon the nation's wealth into some wonderland rabbit hole.

So, fear not citizens! Those government camps aren't real. But the COSTS of those imaginary detention facilities is very, very real.

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