Friday, February 17, 2006

so this is how they maintain control

Well let's see.......... Senator Arlen Specter puts a little pressure on the Whitehouse for spying on the American people. His Judiciary committee questioned Gonzales and, he has requested DOJ documents about the illegal program. So does anyone else find it a little odd that the very week a federal judge orders the DOJ to release these documents, this little tidbit about Arlen's lobbying efforts gets leaked to the press.
Senator Arlen Specter defended himself and a member of his staff on Thursday after the disclosure that clients of a lobbyist married to the staff member had received money through the senator's actions.

This must have been the shot across the bow, we hear that Senator Pat Roberts has cut a deal with the Whitehouse to "fix" FISA? We didn't know anything was wrong with FISA.
How ironic is it that the very program that has to be brought under control is probably being used to maintain itself. Didn't we learn anything during the Nixon years?


Blogger sukabi said...

yeah, that was my first thought yesterday when these stories came out concurrently.

How convenient, one hand waves a bit of Arlen's dirty laundry in public, and the other hand "fixes" an "inconvenient" law.

9:55 AM  

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