Sunday, March 19, 2006

the headline says it all

Iraqi People Hopeless in 3rd Year of Occupation
By M. Alihan Hasanoglu, Cihan News Agency, Bagdat (Baghdad) Image hosting by Photobucket
Published: Sunday, March 19, 2006

The situation of Iraq and the Iraqi people is still ambiguous on the 3rd anniversary of the Iraqi occupation that the US realized on claims that weapons of mass destruction existed in the country. The US had promised to bring democracy to Iraq with the occupation.

The country is far from the wealth and democracy that the US promised to bring before the Iraq war. The people are concerned and hopeless most about the inability to maintain security in the country. While dozens of people lose their lives in violent incidents every day, the recent Shiite-Sunni tension is dragging the country to a civil war. The Iraqi people are at such a point that they miss the days of Saddam’s era and they demand the end of occupation, which makes their life even harder. The ethnic and sectarian division is seen as the biggest obstacle before the democratic structure in Iraq. - LINK


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