Tuesday, July 11, 2006

one thing's for sure......

.....finding the differences between the candidates in PA04 couldn't be easier.

Jason Altmire on Social Security:

Jason Altmire will strongly oppose any plan to privatize Social Security, a program that has worked well for more than 70 years.

Melissa Hart on Social Security: (sucking up to Cheney when he was in town)

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Martha Rial, Post-Gazette
Rep. Melissa Hart welcomes Vice President Dick Cheney to La Roche College yesterday, where Cheney talked about the White House's plans for Social Security.

From James O'Toole's article, "Cheney Ready to Deal,"
Friday, March 25, 2005 in the, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


Not surprisingly, Rep. Melissa Hart, R-Bradford Woods, the vice president's co-host for the gathering, offered rave reviews both for Cheney's performance and for the merits of personal savings accounts.

Despite recent poll results suggesting that a majority of the public disagrees with the president's proposal, she predicted that Congress would enact some version of it this year. Hart said sessions like yesterday's would help that happen. She noted poll numbers that showed that, whatever the attitudes on specific remedies, the proportion of the public who viewed Social Security as having serious financial problems had climbed sharply over the last year.

(Text highlighted by me.)
Wonder if she'll flip-flop when this is brought up on the campaign trail?


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