Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hart loves Bush

MoveOn to the rescue

• MoveOn.org is launching a sneak attack on the suddenly vulnerable Republican Rep. Melissa Hart (PA-04) with a $240,000 ad buy

what a whiner

Then there is U.S. Rep. Melissa Hart, touchingly wishing her opponent Jason Altmire would stop the negative campaigning -- all the while the Republican National Committee posts ads that slam the same opponent.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

war and faith

Melissa's rubber stamp support for Bush's middle eastern adventure is taking it's toll on her reelection chances:

"I voted for Melissa last time," Ms. Capone said. "I'm not so sure this time. I'm pretty unhappy with Bush and the way they're handling the war."

"In the district, across the six counties, it comes up all the time," said Democrat Jason Altmire, who is mounting a vigorous challenge to the 4th District incumbent, Republican Rep. Melissa Hart. What's notable, he said, is the shift in opinion about the war over the last year. He's not shying away from it on the campaign trail, discussing his view that the United States should devote more resources to fighting terrorism and less to fighting in Iraq.

And wouldn't we all like to know more about Melissa's ties to this faith-based controversy:

Kuo, darling of the religious right and once the No. 2 guy in the Bush administration's Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives, offers a description of a treacherous blend of public money, religion and politics that involved local Congresswoman Melissa Hart.

According to Kuo, he devised a plan to use taxpayers' dollars to boost the political fortunes of endangered Bush-favored Congress members. And Hart was among the first politicians chosen by the White House for this help.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Hart campaign in full meltdown

Let's take another look at this statement (my comments in red) Melissa issued after calling the in the SWAT team on the seniors who were packing a box of loaded, glazed donuts (watch out for those jimmies, you could put out an eye!)

"Our Allison Park office is a place of business, not politics. Their unruly behavior (damn dirty hippies) not only inhibited our ability to assist constituents with real requests for help. It also infringes on our constituents' privacy (we've seen over the last 6 years how concerned Melissa Hart and the Bush administration are about citizens' privacy). We always welcome constituents into our offices who have real problems or who want to deliver real input the issues. (Hey look, the drug companies wrote the prescription drug bill and dammit you people will like it!) This was unfortunately, not the case today."
She won't debate Jason Altmire and now this, that's some extra special campaigning there Melissa.
Melissa Hart Calls Cops on Seniors

senior citizens carrying donuts

Seems like in Allison Park, Pa., near Pittsburgh, the biggest threat to public security is 40 senior citizens carrying donuts. Yesterday, staff at Rep. Melissa Hart’s (R-Pa.) district office called for three armed police from nearby Hampton Township to disperse the group of seniors, all members of the Pennsylvania Alliance for Retired Americans (PARA), who sought to deliver donuts to Hart’s office to protest the new Medicare law.

Wow, Melissa calls the cops on seniors, good move. I think if I was running against her I might, oh I don't know.....maybe find a couple of these seniors and maybe ask them if they'd like to be part of a campaign ad.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Keep talking Limbaugh

A poll released late on Wednesday showed that U.S. voters' support for stem cell research jumped 5 percentage points after they viewed a television ad in which Fox -- whose body shook with spasms -- urges them to back candidates who favor the research.

The national poll by HCD Research and Muhlenberg College Institute of Public Opinion surveyed 955 people on Tuesday and Wednesday and found support for stem cell research at 83 percent after viewing the ad, up from 78 percent previously.

It also said the level of concern regarding a candidate's view on the issue rose to 70 percent after the respondents viewed the ad, up from 57 percent.
How many more people saw that ad because of the pig's gross comments. HA HA

more smoke and mirrors

Bush signs a bill to build a fence:
Yesterday's signing, after the collapse of numerous efforts to produce a comprehensive package of new immigration laws, was deliberately timed to be as close to the 7 November mid-term elections as possible. The bill passed the House and Senate at the end of September and could have been on the President's desk four weeks ago.

but it's unfunded:
After all, they note that the 700-mile fence bill doesn't include a penny to actually build the double-layered barrier, estimated to cost anywhere from $2.2 billion to $9 billion.

What a balancing act, trying to please the bigots but keep the latino vote. The house of cards is crumbling.
Video the Vote 2006

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Save Social Security

strategy backfires

A frustrated Republican insider said the NRCC barged into the race because national GOP leaders didn't think Hart was being negative enough in her campaign.

Doing so has apparently fueled speculation that Hart's in trouble.

We'd be happy just to see a debate. But it looks like that's out of the question.

Myslinski, however, quashed those rumors in no uncertain terms Thursday, saying that Hart couldn't have backed out of a debate because she never agreed to one in the first place.

Well why the hell not?

Monday, October 23, 2006

more reasons to vote the republicans out

"Don't forget that Jack Murtha is in a battle for the majority leader post with [Maryland Rep.] Steny Hoyer and if we have the majority leader of the House residing Pennsylvania, then I think we're doing pretty damn well," Mr. Doyle said.

Mr. Doyle noted that the House Democratic caucus apportions committee seats according to the relative membership strength of different regions of the country. Pennsylvania is in a region with Ohio and Kentucky. The Democrat predicted that Democratic gains in House races in both Pennsylvania and Ohio would boost the number of committee slots available to the state.

"[Our] region ... is going to be powerful because we're where all the growth [in seats] is," Mr. Doyle said. "If we run the slate, we could have as many as 10 new seats; that's going to make us one of the larger regions."

He predicted that new Pennsylvania Democrats would be in line for seats on Energy and Commerce and Ways and Means.

"If we win three, four, five seats in Pennsylvania, we're going to want to position those members of good committees, so that they can help their districts and so that their committee slots can help them in their efforts to be re-elected," Mr. Doyle said.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

more good press for Altmire

Until recently, Hart was considered a shoo-in to win a fourth term. She has the power of incumbency, including a seat on the influential House Ways and Means Committee, and plenty of campaign cash.

But with the election less than three weeks away, national pundits are listing Hart's race against Democrat Jason Altmire in Pennsylvania's 4th Congressional District as one to watch for a possible upset.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

I couldn't agree more...

from Josh Marshall:

If I were Altmire's folks I'd certainly want to make the point that DeLay and Hastert put Hart on the Ethics Committee after they purged it of non-loyalists. They knew she would be a rubber stamp vote for DeLay and other House GOPers who got into trouble. That's telling.

Hart and republicans getting nervous

from the NY Times no less:

Recent GOP Spending in Pa. 4 Shows Hart May Be At-risk

But western Pennsylvania, or at least the Pittsburgh-area 4th District, is getting into the act as well. The contest between three-term Republican Rep. Melissa A. Hart and Democrat Jason Altmire, a former hospital association executive and congressional aide, now appears sufficiently competitive to merit a change to CQPolitics.com’s rating of the race, to Leans Republican from Republican Favored.

While the “Leans” rating means Hart still maintains an edge in the race, it also means that Altmire is waging a tougher fight than earlier expected and that an upset is a more plausible possibility. The previous “Favored” rating suggested that Altmire was a more distinct underdog.

As in many House districts in this difficult election year for the Republicans, national GOP officials unintentionally signaled the more uncertain outcome by rushing in resources and airing television advertisements in the 4th District, which takes in suburbs and exurbs of Pittsburgh — and which backed President Bush in 2004 by 54 percent to 45 percent.

According to a filing with the Federal Election Commission, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) on Tuesday reported spending $163,000 to produce and air a television ad opposing Altmire — one day after the House GOP campaign committee reported spending $10,569 to poll the district. (Altmire recently released a poll taken for his campaign that showed him trailing Hart by just 48 percent to 44 percent).

Altmire’s campaign now is airing a television ad that criticizes Hart while praising his own resume and stances on issues. Echoing a theme used by numerous Democratic candidates nationwide, Altmire accuses the incumbent of voting in near-unanimity with Bush, whose popularity has sharply declined nationally and statewide in the two years since he was re-elected as president.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

running scared

Political analyst G. Terry Madonna, director of the Center for Politics and Public Affairs at Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, said the 4th District race, like many races, is more about voters' attitudes on the Iraq war, President Bush and the Republican Party than any one candidate.

Incumbents "are running hard and running scared if they're Republicans," he said.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Melissa declines to debate?

Monday, October 16, 2006

someone's paying attention

well that settles that...

the rumors are wrong, Bush is staying put:

Bush tells Iraq PM: Ignore deadline talk

President Bush personally assured Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki Monday that he has no plans to pull troops out and told him to ignore rumors the United States would enforce a timeline against Baghdad.

The president's pledge came in a 15-minute morning phone call with al-Maliki, who told Bush he was concerned because he had been hearing that the United States was giving him a two-month timeline to operate on his own.

troop reduction?

from the Chicago Tribune:
Way forward in (out of?) Iraq


For all the buzz that Republican heavyweight Jim Baker has generated with his public talk about an alternative to the “stay-the-course’’ or “cut-and-run’’ approaches to the war in Iraq, it will be some time before the bipartisan Iraq Study Group which Baker co-chairs will offer any glimpse at any alternative course of action.

“We're not trying to outsource the president's job as commander-in-chief,’’ Snow said.

Honestly, that's the one job in the whole country we wouldn't mind being outsourced.


“The Iraq Study Group was created pursuant to an act of Congress, and certainly we'll want to hear what the Democrats and Republicans on the bipartisan panel have to say,’’ Snow said. “But the president also listens to a lot of other voices, and he's going to do what he thinks best pursues the aim that we have always said we want to achieve, which is a democratic Iraq, an ally in the war on terror, that is able to sustain, govern and defend itself.’’

"I hear the voices" - G. W. Bush 4/18/06, frightening isn't it. Guess he's still hearing them.


“I think what Jim said was that there are options other than cut and run and staying the course,’’ he said. “And if you look carefully at his statement it was simply a statement of fact. He was not advocating anything… He was saying there are other options, and that is correct. He and I can’t walk out the door without people giving us recommendations.’’
Why don't they just listen to John Murtha.

To Redeploy U.S. Forces from Iraq.


MR. MURTHA introduced the following joint resolution, which was referred to the Committee on ____________________________

Whereas Congress and the American People have not been shown clear, measurable progress toward establishment of stable and improving security in Iraq or of a stable and improving economy in Iraq, both of which are essential to "promote the emergence of a democratic government";

Whereas additional stabilization in Iraq by U.S. military forces cannot be achieved without the deployment of hundreds of thousands of additional U.S. troops, which in turn cannot be achieved without a military draft;

Whereas more than $277 billion has been appropriated by the United States Congress to prosecute U.S. military action in Iraq and Afghanistan;

Whereas, as of the drafting of this resolution, 2,079 U.S. troops have been killed in Operation Iraqi Freedom;

Whereas U.S. forces have become the target of the insurgency;

Whereas, according to recent polls, over 80% of the Iraqi people want the U.S. forces out of Iraq;

Whereas polls also indicate that 45% of the Iraqi people feel that the attacks on U.S. forces are justified;

Whereas, due to the foregoing, Congress finds it evident that continuing U.S. military action in Iraq is not in the best interests of the United States of America, the people of Iraq, or the Persian Gulf Region, which were cited in Public Law 107-243 as justification for undertaking such action;

Therefore be it

1) Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in
2) Congress assembled,
3) That:
4) Section 1. The deployment of United States forces in Iraq, by direction of Congress, is
5) hereby terminated and the forces involved are to be redeployed at the earliest practicable
6) date.
7) Section 2. A quick-reaction U.S. force and an over-the-horizon presence of U.S. Marines
8) shall be deployed in the region.
9) Section 3. The United States of America shall pursue security and stability in Iraq
10) through diplomacy.

No, they couldn't debate that resolution, they chose to mock Murtha, a 37 year Marine Veteran, by rewriting his resolution and introducing it as a "cut and run proposal." Duncan Hunter worded it as follows:


Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that the deployment of United States forces in Iraq be terminated immediately. Resolved, That it is the sense of the House of Representatives that the deployment of United States forces in Iraq be terminated immediately.
I think Atrios is right as long as Bush is president they'll be no troop reductions.

PA-04 race tightening up

Sunday, October 15, 2006

when is the Democratic Party going to hire Glenn Greenwald

his posts are priceless:
Democrats so rarely mold, shape or drive public opinion because their consultants and pundits operate from the premise that passion and principle are to be avoided at all costs. Stripped to its essence, the core advice of these consultants, which most national Democrats have been embracing, is to follow, not lead. But Americans -- understandably -- want to elect leaders, not followers, and that is why nothing has been more damaging to the Democratic Party brand than the self-consciously clever, soul-less, fear-driven advice of their consultants to abandon their own beliefs.


"Democrats are fighting a war on two fronts: One is combating the spin and intimidation that defines this administration. The other is fighting to change course, to do things better, to substitute smart, disciplined strategy for dogma and denial in Iraq.

"That's not defeatism. That's our duty," Murtha wrote.

say it louder

from the Beaver Co Times:
No joke

Here's another example of lies, damn lies and statistics when it come to the federal budget.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports the federal deficit for the fiscal year that ended on Sept. 30 was not the official $260 billion that many Washington types were puffed up about. Another $177 billion in debt needed to be added to the bottom line.

That's because "Washington's funny math excluded the Social Security trust fund, which is running a $177 billion surplus this year," the paper reported. "Washington spends it, but doesn't count it as spending. It's officially listed as 'off-budget' borrowing."

So it really doesn't matter if the official deficit of $260 billion was $58 billion lower than last year's and about $77 billion lower than projections at the beginning of the fiscal year. The real deficit was $437 billion.

When it comes to American children reaching proficiency in math by 2014, as President Bush has called for under his No Child Left Behind Act, it's obvious that members of the legislative and executive branches are falling far short of making adequate yearly progress, and the only way for them to hide that from the public is to cheat. By cooking the books, they hid more than one-third of their deficit spending last year.

Unfortunately, budgetary proficiency by 2014 will be too late for our children and grandchildren. Washington's funny way of doing math is going to bury them in debt - and that's no laughing matter.

This is an issue that's easy to understand, pay now or foist it on our children. Seems like a moral issue to me.


how true

from the Trib:

Political tsunami


Hart, once a likely winner, now has two things going against her that certainly would have helped in prior elections: She is closely aligned with George W. Bush and she is a three-term member of the House Republican majority.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Do more than vote

saw this at Taylor Marsh...

Passion of the Mel

sounds like Mel's taking lessons from the republicans:
Actor Mel Gibson says his drunken, anti-Semitic outburst at police this past summer may have stemmed in part from lingering resentment he harbored over the barrage of Jewish criticism leveled at his 2004 film "The Passion of the Christ."

no money for Melissa

from Josh Marshall:

Huge amount of independent expenditures today by the NRCC: $9.3 million.

If you follow the link you'll find that none of it went to PA04. What does it mean?

Had Enough?

Does anyone see a problem here?



How can we expect an honest, unbiased investigation of the House Leadership's cover-up of a Republican sexual predator by Ethics Committee member Melissa Hart, when she's accepted OVER $40,000.00 from their PAC's.

If she had any respect for her constituents she'd either return the money or recuse herself from the Committee. But then again she's a House Republican. Maybe give her office a call (202-225-2565) and ask them about this. Or better yet get yourself, and your friends and neighbors to the polls on Nov. 7th and vote!

thanks to 2 political junkies for digging up these dollar amounts

so much for the "moral high ground"

from Yahoo News:
KABUL, Afghanistan - Sixteen Afghans and one Iranian released from years in captivity at Guantanamo Bay prison arrived in
Afghanistan on Thursday, an Afghan official said, maintaining that "most" of the detainees had been falsely accused.


One of the released prisoners, Sayed Mohammead Ali Shah, said he had been a delegate at the country's first loya jirga, a council of leaders that helped establish the interim government in 2002 after the U.S.-led invasion to oust the Taliban in 2001.

"For four years they put me in jail in Cuba for nothing," said Shah, a doctor from the eastern province of Paktia whose hands shook from nervousness when he spoke.

"All these people (the other prisoners) and all those Afghans still in Cuba, they are innocent," he told reporters. "All were arrested because of false reports, and the Americans, without investigating, they arrested innocent people and put them in jail for a long time."

Another former prisoner, 20-year-old Habib Rahman, said he was arrested because he had a weapon in his home.

"They told me, 'You are against us, you are anti-American and anti-government and you are fighting with us,'" said Rahman. "At that time in our area everyone had weapons. I was innocent and I hadn't participated in any fighting."

Rahman said that he was treated harshly at Guantanamo, and was once kept awake for 38 hours while being questioned about ties to terrorists.
Innocent people held for four years, without being charged with a crime,............... only in Bush's America.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Altmire TV Ad

Boner's a scumbag

they just can't help themselves....
Boehner, speaking at a campaign event for 3rd District Republican candidate Jeff Lamberti, said Democratic operatives have known about inappropriate e-mails sent by former Rep. Mark Foley, a Florida Republican, to young male pages for some time. He said Democrats had been shopping the information around Washington as a political ploy.

"Someone who had this information allowed those 16-year-old pages to be at risk while they were playing their political games," said Boehner, R-Ohio. "I do not believe thus far that Republicans knew about these sexually explicit instant messages."


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

another republican strawman knocked down

Voter ID ploy stands on lame fraud claims

Published on: 09/24/06
Last week, the GOP-dominated House passed a measure requiring voters to show government-issued photo IDs to vote in federal elections by 2008.

"Americans should have their votes counted, and not negated by an illegal alien," said U.S. Rep. Dan Burton (R-Ind.)

Similarly, Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue and his state Republican colleagues have backed a stringent state requirement for government-issued photo IDs. (Last week, Fulton County Superior Court Judge T. Jackson Bedford struck down Georgia's voter ID law, ruling it violates the state's constitution. The state said it will appeal.)

Announcing a plan this month to crack down on fraudulent documents, Perdue said, "It's simply unacceptable for people to sneak into the country illegally on Thursday, obtain a government-issued ID on Friday ... and go to vote on Tuesday."

Now, you can be forgiven if you've never heard of a single case in which an illegal immigrant successfully used a fake ID at the polls. Neither Burton nor Perdue presented evidence of any such cases.

So the Republicans invent an imaginary problem then use it as an excuse to suppress even more votes. And then we find out today that their bullshit has been debunked and the proof's been supressed for four months, giving other states time to pass voter supression laws.

Report refutes fraud at poll sites
Updated 10/11/2006 12:32 PM ET

By Richard Wolf, USA TODAY
WASHINGTON — At a time when many states are instituting new requirements for voter registration and identification, a preliminary report to the U.S. Election Assistance Commission has found little evidence of the type of polling-place fraud those measures seek to stop.

USA TODAY obtained the report from the commission four months after it was delivered by two consultants hired to write it. The commission has not distributed it publicly.

At least 11 states have approved new rules for independent voter-registration drives or requirements that voters produce specific forms of photo ID at polling places. Several of those laws have been blocked in court, most recently in Arizona last week. The House of Representatives last month approved a photo-ID law, now pending in the Senate.

The bipartisan report by two consultants to the election commission casts doubt on the problem those laws are intended to address. "There is widespread but not unanimous agreement that there is little polling-place fraud, or at least much less than is claimed, including voter impersonation, 'dead' voters, non-citizen voting and felon voters," the report says.


That's one reason the commission decided not to officially release the report. "There was a division of opinion here," Chairman Paul DeGregorio says. "We've seen places where fraud does occur."

The consultants found little evidence of that. Barry Weinberg, former deputy chief of the voting section in the Justice Department's civil rights division, reviewed their work. "Fraud at the polling place is generally difficult to pull off," he says. "It takes a lot of planning and a lot of coordination."

Posted 10/10/2006 10:54 PM ET

The Democrats have got to take over congress....

conflict of interest........

somebody needs to question Missy on this, read this post at 2 Political Junkies -

Melissa Hart & The Ethics Committee (Follow the Money)

vote on Nov. 7th

And, as a last resort, we must be willing to use military force. We are doing everything we can to avoid war in Iraq. - G.W. Bush, March 8, 2003.

Hours Bush spent negotiating with Iraq, so that war would be a "last resort." - 0

U.S. casualities as of today:
U.S. Deaths Confirmed By The DoD: 2737
Reported U.S. Deaths Pending DoD Confirmation: 16
Total 2753

An now this :
NEW YORK (AP) -- A controversial new study contends nearly 655,000 Iraqis have died because of the war, suggesting a far higher death toll than other estimates.

Is Bush ready to do the same thing in Iran? BREAKING NEWS: Eisenhower Carrier Group Sails for Iran Theater

Don't vote?.... or you don't think it matters who you vote for.....think again.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Just 6 dollars

Monday, October 09, 2006

can't be trusted

Let's not forget, that social security hangs in the balance, in this election. With Bush and Cheney as lame ducks, if Democrats don't take congress, they'll be no one to stop them from carving up the most successful governnment program in history.

Not surprisingly, Rep. Melissa Hart, R-Bradford Woods, the vice president's co-host for the gathering, offered rave reviews both for Cheney's performance and for the merits of personal savings accounts.

Despite recent poll results suggesting that a majority of the public disagrees with the president's proposal, she predicted that Congress would enact some version of it this year. Hart said sessions like yesterday's would help that happen.
And Melissa Hart will be there leading the charge.
Melissa Hart on Stem Cell Research, Republican Congress PA


Wow .....why would any senior citizen vote for Melissa Hart

From Project Vote Smart.......

Senior and Social Security Issues
(Back to top)

2005 Representative Hart supported the interests of the Alliance for Retired Americans 0 percent in 2005.

2004 Representative Hart supported the interests of the Alliance for Retired Americans 25 percent in 2004.

2003-2004 Representative Hart supported the interests of the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association 0 percent in 2003-2004.

2003-2004 On the votes that the Retire Safe considered to be the most important in 2003-2004, Representative Hart voted their preferred position 100 percent of the time.

2003 On the votes that the Alliance for Retired Americans considered to be the most important in 2003, Representative Hart voted their preferred position 0 percent of the time.

2003 Representative Hart supported the interests of the American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging 50 percent in 2003.

2002 On the votes that the Alliance for Retired Americans considered to be the most important in 2002, Representative Hart voted their preferred position 0 percent of the time.

2002 Representative Hart supported the interests of the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association 33 percent in 2002.

2001-2002 Representative Hart supported the interests of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare 31 percent in 2001-2002.

2001 On the votes that the Alliance for Retired Americans considered to be the most important in 2001, Representative Hart voted their preferred position 0 percent of the time.

does Melissa Hart believe in free speech?

Apparently not.....
From a Mike Seate, Oct. 5th column in the Scaife rag, the Tribune Review:

Power corrupts parents and media


After almost 20 years in the newspaper industry, I shouldn't be surprised at the disgusting ways people will prostrate themselves before the wealthy and powerful.

This spring, I wrote a parody column about the Iraq war and received an e-mail from a press agent for U.S. Rep. Melissa Hart, R-Bradford Woods. The e-mail suggested I stop poking fun at the government and, instead, agree to print official statements provided by the Pentagon about the war.

For someone who thinks official press releases are useful only as scratch paper, this struck me as downright nuts.

But after sharing the offer with some of my fellow journalists, I realized this was a minority opinion. Most of them said I should be thrilled to receive such an offer from a prominent politician, while others giggled like school girls at the possibility to perhaps have lunch with someone so powerful and famous.

Journalists, like the parents of that House page, aren't supposed to be so easily seduced by power. I've always thought our main responsibility was to keep the powerful honest by refusing to be charmed by their social position.

More people should resist those charms --- even if that means sacrificing a power lunch or a kid's political future in the process.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

what are they thinking?

These people have balls the size of watermellons....

Shimkus seeks apology from Pelosi, Durbin
Associated Press

WASHINGTON - Republican Rep. John Shimkus demanded Friday that two of Congress' leading Democrats apologize for what he said were accusations that he tried to cover up the Capitol Hill pages' scandal involving former GOP Rep. Mark Foley.

In interviews with news media outlets in his south central Illinois congressional district, Shimkus lashed out at a fellow Illinoisan, Sen. Dick Durbin, and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California.

"People, like Sen. Durbin and Nancy Pelosi, who are using this for partisan gain, they ought to be ashamed of themselves," Shimkus said on WJPF-AM radio in Herrin.

Hey dipship, so now protecting children from sexual predators is partisan.....you'd be ashamed of yourself, if you had any fucking shame.

Shimkus also said in an interview with The Associated Press that Durbin and Pelosi should read an anonymous statement released Thursday and attributed to the parents of the former Louisiana page whose Internet dealings with Foley led to Shimkus' involvement in the case. The letter does not mention Shimkus, Pelosi or Durbin by name but expresses the parents' desire to protect the privacy of their family and son.

"(Durbin and Pelosi) have helped inflame the rhetoric which caused this family that wanted to be left alone, to be put in the national spotlight," Shimkus said, saying the parents also deserved apologies from the Democrats.

That's a fucking lie, it was scumbag blogger "wildbill" who outed the page and his family then was immediately linked to by a couple of the big rightwing blogs.

Rather than apologize, spokespeople for Durbin and Pelosi counterattacked.

Well that's good, I suspect Harry Reid didn't get a chance to talk to them yet.

"It's been a week since this scandal broke and U.S. Rep. Shimkus still doesn't get it," said Durbin spokesman Joe Shoemaker. "This isn't about too much partisan politics - it's about too little effort to protect children under his care. It is not a House scandal or a Republican scandal - it is a national disgrace."

Shimkus, the chairman of the three-member House Page Board, has been among a handful of Republicans, including House Speaker Dennis Hastert of Illinois, in the spotlight since Foley resigned from Congress last week after reports surfaced of questionable e-mails he sent the former page.

Republicans increasingly fear the scandal may help the Democrats regain the House and Senate after the Nov. 7 general elections.

"Republicans just don't get it; every mother in America is asking how Republicans could choose partisan politics over protecting kids, and the Republicans are still asking who could have blown their cover-up," Pelosi spokeswoman Jennifer Crider said.

Good response from Pelosi.....she's been impressive this last week.

Shimkus has said he confronted Foley and told him not to associate with the Louisiana boy or any other former pages after the e-mails were made known to him by Rep. Rodney Alexander, R-La., who had sponsored the teenager.

The 2005 e-mails - which included a request of a photo of the boy - were not deemed to be as troublesome as instant messages sent by Foley in 2003 that only surfaced publicly when the Foley scandal broke last week. Those messages, lawmakers of both parties have agreed, made it appear Foley was pursuing the boys for sexual relations.

Durbin, the Senate's second-highest ranking Democrat, said in an interview with The Associated Press on Monday that Shimkus, a West Point graduate and former Army Ranger and schoolteacher, should resign as page board chairman due to his conduct in the Foley scandal.

"The fact of the matter is at the highest levels of the leadership in the House of Representatives they have known for months that something awful was happening," Durbin said. "What they did was to try to contain it or cover it up. They tried to protect themselves instead of trying to protect these pages, and now is the day of reckoning."

Shimkus reiterated Friday that he has no plan to resign, because that is exactly what "partisan hacks" would want him to do so they could cite his resignation as evidence he had done something wrong, which he said is not the case.

"It's been a very tough time," Shimkus said of the past week. "I did what was best on the information that was available."

Keep saying stupid shit like that, "I did what was best on the information that was available." So the best he could do was cover it up? Why didn't he do what CREW did and forward the emails to the FBI?

Shimkus and Hastert have said in public statements that they did not know until last week about the most lurid messages Foley allegedly sent to interns in 2003. At a Thursday news conference, Hastert acknowledged House leadership could possibly have done things differently.

"Could we have done it better, could the Page Board have handled it better? In retrospect, probably yes," Hastert said. "But at that time, what we knew and what we acted upon was what we had."

Durbin spokesman Shoemaker questioned why Shimkus had not called police, contacted the House Ethics Committee, convened a meeting of the page board or checked with other pages to see if the "alleged misconduct" was occurring with others.

"No. Instead he `talked' with the suspected offender, and proceeded to sweep it under the rug," Shoemaker said.

Shimkus said the House clerk referred the former Louisiana page's case to him, explaining the parents wanted the matter handled quietly. He said that request was why he did not say anything about it to the other page board members, including a Democrat.

"Because I keep faith and confidence with the parental request" for privacy, he said.

Shimkus said if there had been suspicion Foley was a "sexual predator" sooner, the matter would not have been referred to him as the chairman of the page board, but would have been turned over to law enforcement.

Foley has not been charged with any crime.
The title of this book, being written be the house republicans is, "How NOT to handle a sexual predator scandal." Power trumps all.

who to believe? Marine Sergeant or Rich Lowry

Marine Sergeant: Guantanamo Prison Guards Routinely Beat Detainees
By VOA News
07 October 2006

An affidavit by a Marine who visited the Guantanamo Bay detention center last month alleges that guards at the prison camp bragged about routinely abusing detainees both physically and mentally.

The Marine's name was removed from the statement before it was released to reporters.

She said she was with a group of guards who laughed while they described routine beatings of prisoners and doing such things as denying privileges to well-behaved prisoners just to make them angry.

In one case, she said a guard described slamming a prisoner's head into a cell door.

A Marine Corps lawyer defending one of the detainees said he has forwarded the affidavit to the Defense Department's inspector general with a statement saying the abuse described violates American and international law. - link

But Rich Lowry, editor of National Review says:
Interrogators rely on the soft sell. Detainees sit in a La-Z-Boy chair during interrogations, and beverages and movies are available to put them at ease. The most effective interrogator is said to be an older woman who adopts a nurturing attitude.

And there's this exchange between Hugh Hewit and Mark Steyn:
HH: Well, the alleged enemy combatants lost their habeus [sic] corpus rights today, thanks to the steely indifference to liberty, as the Democrats would put it, of the Republican majority in the Senate. Do they appear put upon to you, Mark Steyn?

MS: No, they don't. It's interesting to me. They were being treated very lavishly . . .

Don't these people realize that whatever we allow our Government to do to "others" we're allowing it to do to "us."

Friday, October 06, 2006

Melissa speaks

Investigation on fast track (I'll believe it when I see it). The only thing that Republicans can do fast is cut taxes, or vote to harass families (Terri Shiavo)....

the whole article is here, I'm just going to hit the parts where my congresswoman speaks.
The scandal has shocked Pennsylvania lawmakers who knew Mr. Foley. "He was a hard-working congressman," said Ms. Hart, who served alongside Mr. Foley on the House's powerful Ways and Means Committee. "Members are outraged. The public is outraged, and that's justifiable."
Well I'm sure glad Melissa says we're justified.
On Wednesday, a House leadership aide who was a former chief of staff for Mr. Foley said Mr. Hastert's office had been aware of problems with his one-time boss as far back as 2003. The speaker's press secretary denied that claim.

"I have no way of knowing the accuracy of those statements," Ms. Hart said.
How much did you know about Foley and when did you know it? Because we're hearing that Foley's action were common knowledge on capitol hill, pages kept complaining but no one would listen.
But lurid accounts of Internet sex chats likely will continue to capture the public's attention as the multiple inquiries move forward. Ms. Hart said her Western Pennsylvania constituents have flooded her office with calls about it.
These hearings better be public and witnesses better be put under oath. I think I'll call again today and see what I can find out.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

still quiet

Still no call back from Melissa Hart's office, I also checked her website today, still no comments about Foley, Hasert, Boehner, Reynolds or any of the others involved in the page scandal.

There's a whole page about protecting the unborn children, but not a peep about protecting the born children that Foley harrassed and her leaders covered up for. Where's the outrage Melissa?

lower than Pond Scum

OMG this is getting surreal. What's lower than pond scum? They hide a sexual predator, lie about it, hide behind children when asked about it, lie some more, blame each other, and refuse to take responsibility.

Now they're siccing their attack dogs on the victims, I can't fucking believe it. Some rightwing blogger has outed one of the pages and immeadiately gets linked to by a bunch of the inbreds.

Limbaugh and Drudge claim the pages were playing a trick on Foley, I doubt if it's true but if it is, so fucking what.... Foley still sent the emails to the pages and the morally bankrupt, criminal enterprise, known as the Republican house leadership covered it up. And now the networks are reporting that more pages coming forward, which will probably give others the courage to come forward. drip....drip .....drip

These stupid fucks just can't help themselves, they're such cowards and snakes, they know what they're doing is wrong but they can't just admit it to themselves. Just can't give up that power. I heard a rumor (on the radio) that all the gay Republican staffers will soon be outed (we'll see) These slimballs showed part of their ass during the "Terri Shiavo" episode, now they're showing the rest of it.

I hope they keep it up, burn that image into the American people's psyche, show everyone the true face of today's Republican party.

Here's a great piece by Richard Mathis, with lots of good links on OpEdnews.com....

Republicans blame everybody but Foley

by Richard Mathis

Slither hither, all you neo-con champions of traditional values. Let us hear your words about who is to blame for the gay Republican sex scandal on Capitol Hill. Tell us, you who promote personal responsibility, exactly who is responsible for Mark Foley engaging in steamy emails with underage males. Show us how to confess our sins, repent, seek forgiveness, learn from our mistakes and move forward. You Republicans are always talking about responsibility. Let's hear you assign responsibility instead of rationalizations in the Foley affair.

For starters, sister Michelle Malkin, preach that Democrats and the media are ever bit as responsible as the GOP. "It makes Republicans who downplay the messages -- and Democrats and journalists who sat on them -- look recklessly flippant about sexual predation."- read it all

Oh no, Newt speaks ill of Democrats

I was going to comment about "divorce my wife while she's dying sick" Newt, then I read Susie Madrack's post. Here it is.

will Denny survive the week

Hastert's Constituents Call For A Resignation

While politicians in Washington wait to see Hastert's next move, some local voters are more concerned about the young victim at the heart of this scandal.

"If I was a parent that had one of those pages there and it happened, I would be so upset. In fact I'm upset for the parents, because you'd think in congress they'd be safe and not subject to harassment like that," says voter Marilyn Logan.

This is not going to be swept under the rug like so many other Republican scandals, this resonates with everybody.

Looks like I missed this

Melissa Hart did make a few comments after all.....

From KDKA on Oct. 2nd:

Hart, Doyle React To Resignation Of Rep. Foley
Jon Delano

WASHINGTON Florida Congressman Mark Foley resigned late last week after allegations that he sent explicit e-mails to teenage congressional pages.

His resignation brought quick and similar reactions from local members of Congress.

However, the shared outrage over Foley's conduct split party lines when it came to who was responsible and what should happen next.

In five weeks, voters across America will decide whether Republicans should continue to control the U.S. House of Representatives.

So, no one should be surprised that the controversy over a Republican congressman from Florida and his questionable e-mails to under aged house pages is political fodder for those who think it's time for a change in Washington.

Both Congresswoman Melissa Hart and Congressman Mike Doyle have known Foley during his years in Congress.

Foley was first elected in 1994 when Republicans swept control of the U.S. House of Representatives.

"He was one of 74 Republicans, and I've known him for the past twelve years," said Doyle.

Hart said, "I served on the Ways & Means Committee with him, and no one would have thought this would happen. He was a committed congressman, just like the rest of us, taking care of the district."

"no one would have thought this would happen?" how about your leadership who's known about Foley's problems for what is it up to now? 11 years?

But unlike most, Foley, apparently, took a special interest in the teenage pages who work on Capitol Hill -- emailing and instant messaging sexually suggestive comments.

"It's hard to imagine," said Doyle. "The behavior is reprehensible. I certainly had no clue to it."

"It's a heinous thing," said Hart. "Everyone's disgusted. How could a person I work with every day have done something like this."

But Hart, a Republican, and Doyle, a Democrat, disagree about whether Republican leaders should have acted sooner when they learned months ago about Foley's e-mail.

"Well, the first e-mail was e-mail was of a non-sexual content, it is my understanding," said Hart.

So I guess Melissa thinks the first exposed emails where ok? Well here's what the 16yr old kid that received thm thought.....Sick, sick, sick,
sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick...

"You ask your nieces and nephews what they want for their birthday," said Doyle. "You don't ask total strangers that. It doesn't pass the common sense test. It should have raised an alarm bell."

And they disagree over who should investigate.

"The Attorney General is looking at the entire matter, and that's what needs to happen," said Hart.
Hey Melissa, a real leader would take full advantage of their position. How about a statement like, "I will use my position on the ethics commmittee to fully investigate this matter and I will push for those involved with covering it up to receive the committees maximum punishment. Just like I did with Tom Delay." hahahahahhahah....that would only happen if Melissa belonged to a different political party, instead of the rubber stamp Repubs.

"An independent review of this case is in order, so that we can take it out of the realm of politics because if we don't do that, if the administration looks at this, if the House leadership looks into this, then people will say there's a cover up going on," said Doyle.

Now both Doyle and Hart say this issue should not be politicized but that's exactly what is likely to happen especially as the parties disagree over who should do the investigation.

One thing they do not disagree about.

Both Hart and Doyle say if house leaders, or anyone else, knew what Foley was doing and didn't report it to the authorities, they should be fully prosecuted.
John Laesch in Chicago 10.2

Hit 'em hard John...

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

still waiting Melissa

When I called Melissa Hart's office yesterday, I asked if my Congresswoman thought Hasert, Boehner or Reynolds should resign. The only coment I could get out of the lady there was that Melissa thought the whole affair was "disgusting." She acted like not enough was known yet about who knew what and when.

Anyway, I asked her when Melissa Hart would have an opinion (no answer)or issue a statement (no answer) then I left my name and phone number and ask her to please give me a call when Ms. Hart figures out what to think. I'm still waiting for that call.

I just checked her website. Here's the headlines:
Hart Announces that Tom Hughes of Sarver, PA Is the 2006 Good Citizen Award Winner
Hart Supports Legislation to End Illegal Immigrant “Catch-and-Release” Policy
Hart Supports Legislation to Help Secure Border

I guess she won't know what to say until the house leadership tells her.

shouldn't surprise anyone....

Laura Bush campaigns for the protector of a sexual predator.....
Laura Bush makes a stop in Buffalo


Despite the controversy surrounding Tom Reynolds, Laura Bush came to Buffalo Wednesday to speak at a fund raising luncheon for the congressman.

Outside the Buffalo Marriott there were protestors demanding Reynolds’ resignation. Inside, the First Lady spoke highly of Reynolds during her speech and had praises for the work he's done in the 26th district. Mrs. Bush also talked about the recent school shootings across the nation. She announced plans for a national conference that will address the issue of school violence.

“The conference will help effected communities heal in the wake of these tragedies and will equip Americans with the information they need to ensure their children can learn in safety,” said Mrs. Bush.

The First Lady also made a stop at a community center where she was interviewed by students for a Buffalo radio station.

The Bush family is all class.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006



Protecting sexual predators and then when asked about it, hiding behind children?........ more Republican family values? that's what one would have to assume, isn't it?.......The Democrats better seize this opportunity to call these people out for the sick fucking cowards that they are.

From Daily Kos:
Via Buffalo Geek and Jane Hamsher, who have the YouTube video, NRCC Head Tom Reynolds is facing a barrage of questions about what he knew in the Foley scandal, when he knew it, and why he didn't do anything about it other than passing it off to Dennis Hastert.

So today he held a news conference, in which he rented out a daycare center in order to surround himself with small children to talk about on Foley's sexual predation in the halls of Congress.

Hunter sums it up here:
I'm looking at this point for one man in the entire Republican leadership with the integrity of a fleabitten stray dog. I'm still looking for that one man.
Very well put, can there be any more levels of depravity this "so called" political party can sink to?

what happened here?

At first I thought was this done by some angry liberal..........

but then.... who would spell "needs" as "neds?" That's wingnut spelling, if I ever saw it, this looks like a setup.