Monday, October 09, 2006

does Melissa Hart believe in free speech?

Apparently not.....
From a Mike Seate, Oct. 5th column in the Scaife rag, the Tribune Review:

Power corrupts parents and media


After almost 20 years in the newspaper industry, I shouldn't be surprised at the disgusting ways people will prostrate themselves before the wealthy and powerful.

This spring, I wrote a parody column about the Iraq war and received an e-mail from a press agent for U.S. Rep. Melissa Hart, R-Bradford Woods. The e-mail suggested I stop poking fun at the government and, instead, agree to print official statements provided by the Pentagon about the war.

For someone who thinks official press releases are useful only as scratch paper, this struck me as downright nuts.

But after sharing the offer with some of my fellow journalists, I realized this was a minority opinion. Most of them said I should be thrilled to receive such an offer from a prominent politician, while others giggled like school girls at the possibility to perhaps have lunch with someone so powerful and famous.

Journalists, like the parents of that House page, aren't supposed to be so easily seduced by power. I've always thought our main responsibility was to keep the powerful honest by refusing to be charmed by their social position.

More people should resist those charms --- even if that means sacrificing a power lunch or a kid's political future in the process.


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