Saturday, October 28, 2006

Hart campaign in full meltdown

Let's take another look at this statement (my comments in red) Melissa issued after calling the in the SWAT team on the seniors who were packing a box of loaded, glazed donuts (watch out for those jimmies, you could put out an eye!)

"Our Allison Park office is a place of business, not politics. Their unruly behavior (damn dirty hippies) not only inhibited our ability to assist constituents with real requests for help. It also infringes on our constituents' privacy (we've seen over the last 6 years how concerned Melissa Hart and the Bush administration are about citizens' privacy). We always welcome constituents into our offices who have real problems or who want to deliver real input the issues. (Hey look, the drug companies wrote the prescription drug bill and dammit you people will like it!) This was unfortunately, not the case today."
She won't debate Jason Altmire and now this, that's some extra special campaigning there Melissa.


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