Thursday, October 05, 2006

lower than Pond Scum

OMG this is getting surreal. What's lower than pond scum? They hide a sexual predator, lie about it, hide behind children when asked about it, lie some more, blame each other, and refuse to take responsibility.

Now they're siccing their attack dogs on the victims, I can't fucking believe it. Some rightwing blogger has outed one of the pages and immeadiately gets linked to by a bunch of the inbreds.

Limbaugh and Drudge claim the pages were playing a trick on Foley, I doubt if it's true but if it is, so fucking what.... Foley still sent the emails to the pages and the morally bankrupt, criminal enterprise, known as the Republican house leadership covered it up. And now the networks are reporting that more pages coming forward, which will probably give others the courage to come forward. drip....drip .....drip

These stupid fucks just can't help themselves, they're such cowards and snakes, they know what they're doing is wrong but they can't just admit it to themselves. Just can't give up that power. I heard a rumor (on the radio) that all the gay Republican staffers will soon be outed (we'll see) These slimballs showed part of their ass during the "Terri Shiavo" episode, now they're showing the rest of it.

I hope they keep it up, burn that image into the American people's psyche, show everyone the true face of today's Republican party.

Here's a great piece by Richard Mathis, with lots of good links on

Republicans blame everybody but Foley

by Richard Mathis

Slither hither, all you neo-con champions of traditional values. Let us hear your words about who is to blame for the gay Republican sex scandal on Capitol Hill. Tell us, you who promote personal responsibility, exactly who is responsible for Mark Foley engaging in steamy emails with underage males. Show us how to confess our sins, repent, seek forgiveness, learn from our mistakes and move forward. You Republicans are always talking about responsibility. Let's hear you assign responsibility instead of rationalizations in the Foley affair.

For starters, sister Michelle Malkin, preach that Democrats and the media are ever bit as responsible as the GOP. "It makes Republicans who downplay the messages -- and Democrats and journalists who sat on them -- look recklessly flippant about sexual predation."- read it all


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