Tuesday, October 03, 2006



Protecting sexual predators and then when asked about it, hiding behind children?........ more Republican family values? that's what one would have to assume, isn't it?.......The Democrats better seize this opportunity to call these people out for the sick fucking cowards that they are.

From Daily Kos:
Via Buffalo Geek and Jane Hamsher, who have the YouTube video, NRCC Head Tom Reynolds is facing a barrage of questions about what he knew in the Foley scandal, when he knew it, and why he didn't do anything about it other than passing it off to Dennis Hastert.

So today he held a news conference, in which he rented out a daycare center in order to surround himself with small children to talk about on Foley's sexual predation in the halls of Congress.

Hunter sums it up here:
I'm looking at this point for one man in the entire Republican leadership with the integrity of a fleabitten stray dog. I'm still looking for that one man.
Very well put, can there be any more levels of depravity this "so called" political party can sink to?


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