Monday, October 23, 2006

more reasons to vote the republicans out

"Don't forget that Jack Murtha is in a battle for the majority leader post with [Maryland Rep.] Steny Hoyer and if we have the majority leader of the House residing Pennsylvania, then I think we're doing pretty damn well," Mr. Doyle said.

Mr. Doyle noted that the House Democratic caucus apportions committee seats according to the relative membership strength of different regions of the country. Pennsylvania is in a region with Ohio and Kentucky. The Democrat predicted that Democratic gains in House races in both Pennsylvania and Ohio would boost the number of committee slots available to the state.

"[Our] region ... is going to be powerful because we're where all the growth [in seats] is," Mr. Doyle said. "If we run the slate, we could have as many as 10 new seats; that's going to make us one of the larger regions."

He predicted that new Pennsylvania Democrats would be in line for seats on Energy and Commerce and Ways and Means.

"If we win three, four, five seats in Pennsylvania, we're going to want to position those members of good committees, so that they can help their districts and so that their committee slots can help them in their efforts to be re-elected," Mr. Doyle said.


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