Wednesday, October 04, 2006

still waiting Melissa

When I called Melissa Hart's office yesterday, I asked if my Congresswoman thought Hasert, Boehner or Reynolds should resign. The only coment I could get out of the lady there was that Melissa thought the whole affair was "disgusting." She acted like not enough was known yet about who knew what and when.

Anyway, I asked her when Melissa Hart would have an opinion (no answer)or issue a statement (no answer) then I left my name and phone number and ask her to please give me a call when Ms. Hart figures out what to think. I'm still waiting for that call.

I just checked her website. Here's the headlines:
Hart Announces that Tom Hughes of Sarver, PA Is the 2006 Good Citizen Award Winner
Hart Supports Legislation to End Illegal Immigrant “Catch-and-Release” Policy
Hart Supports Legislation to Help Secure Border

I guess she won't know what to say until the house leadership tells her.


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