Sunday, October 29, 2006

war and faith

Melissa's rubber stamp support for Bush's middle eastern adventure is taking it's toll on her reelection chances:

"I voted for Melissa last time," Ms. Capone said. "I'm not so sure this time. I'm pretty unhappy with Bush and the way they're handling the war."

"In the district, across the six counties, it comes up all the time," said Democrat Jason Altmire, who is mounting a vigorous challenge to the 4th District incumbent, Republican Rep. Melissa Hart. What's notable, he said, is the shift in opinion about the war over the last year. He's not shying away from it on the campaign trail, discussing his view that the United States should devote more resources to fighting terrorism and less to fighting in Iraq.

And wouldn't we all like to know more about Melissa's ties to this faith-based controversy:

Kuo, darling of the religious right and once the No. 2 guy in the Bush administration's Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives, offers a description of a treacherous blend of public money, religion and politics that involved local Congresswoman Melissa Hart.

According to Kuo, he devised a plan to use taxpayers' dollars to boost the political fortunes of endangered Bush-favored Congress members. And Hart was among the first politicians chosen by the White House for this help.


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