Saturday, October 07, 2006

what are they thinking?

These people have balls the size of watermellons....

Shimkus seeks apology from Pelosi, Durbin
Associated Press

WASHINGTON - Republican Rep. John Shimkus demanded Friday that two of Congress' leading Democrats apologize for what he said were accusations that he tried to cover up the Capitol Hill pages' scandal involving former GOP Rep. Mark Foley.

In interviews with news media outlets in his south central Illinois congressional district, Shimkus lashed out at a fellow Illinoisan, Sen. Dick Durbin, and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California.

"People, like Sen. Durbin and Nancy Pelosi, who are using this for partisan gain, they ought to be ashamed of themselves," Shimkus said on WJPF-AM radio in Herrin.

Hey dipship, so now protecting children from sexual predators is'd be ashamed of yourself, if you had any fucking shame.

Shimkus also said in an interview with The Associated Press that Durbin and Pelosi should read an anonymous statement released Thursday and attributed to the parents of the former Louisiana page whose Internet dealings with Foley led to Shimkus' involvement in the case. The letter does not mention Shimkus, Pelosi or Durbin by name but expresses the parents' desire to protect the privacy of their family and son.

"(Durbin and Pelosi) have helped inflame the rhetoric which caused this family that wanted to be left alone, to be put in the national spotlight," Shimkus said, saying the parents also deserved apologies from the Democrats.

That's a fucking lie, it was scumbag blogger "wildbill" who outed the page and his family then was immediately linked to by a couple of the big rightwing blogs.

Rather than apologize, spokespeople for Durbin and Pelosi counterattacked.

Well that's good, I suspect Harry Reid didn't get a chance to talk to them yet.

"It's been a week since this scandal broke and U.S. Rep. Shimkus still doesn't get it," said Durbin spokesman Joe Shoemaker. "This isn't about too much partisan politics - it's about too little effort to protect children under his care. It is not a House scandal or a Republican scandal - it is a national disgrace."

Shimkus, the chairman of the three-member House Page Board, has been among a handful of Republicans, including House Speaker Dennis Hastert of Illinois, in the spotlight since Foley resigned from Congress last week after reports surfaced of questionable e-mails he sent the former page.

Republicans increasingly fear the scandal may help the Democrats regain the House and Senate after the Nov. 7 general elections.

"Republicans just don't get it; every mother in America is asking how Republicans could choose partisan politics over protecting kids, and the Republicans are still asking who could have blown their cover-up," Pelosi spokeswoman Jennifer Crider said.

Good response from Pelosi.....she's been impressive this last week.

Shimkus has said he confronted Foley and told him not to associate with the Louisiana boy or any other former pages after the e-mails were made known to him by Rep. Rodney Alexander, R-La., who had sponsored the teenager.

The 2005 e-mails - which included a request of a photo of the boy - were not deemed to be as troublesome as instant messages sent by Foley in 2003 that only surfaced publicly when the Foley scandal broke last week. Those messages, lawmakers of both parties have agreed, made it appear Foley was pursuing the boys for sexual relations.

Durbin, the Senate's second-highest ranking Democrat, said in an interview with The Associated Press on Monday that Shimkus, a West Point graduate and former Army Ranger and schoolteacher, should resign as page board chairman due to his conduct in the Foley scandal.

"The fact of the matter is at the highest levels of the leadership in the House of Representatives they have known for months that something awful was happening," Durbin said. "What they did was to try to contain it or cover it up. They tried to protect themselves instead of trying to protect these pages, and now is the day of reckoning."

Shimkus reiterated Friday that he has no plan to resign, because that is exactly what "partisan hacks" would want him to do so they could cite his resignation as evidence he had done something wrong, which he said is not the case.

"It's been a very tough time," Shimkus said of the past week. "I did what was best on the information that was available."

Keep saying stupid shit like that, "I did what was best on the information that was available." So the best he could do was cover it up? Why didn't he do what CREW did and forward the emails to the FBI?

Shimkus and Hastert have said in public statements that they did not know until last week about the most lurid messages Foley allegedly sent to interns in 2003. At a Thursday news conference, Hastert acknowledged House leadership could possibly have done things differently.

"Could we have done it better, could the Page Board have handled it better? In retrospect, probably yes," Hastert said. "But at that time, what we knew and what we acted upon was what we had."

Durbin spokesman Shoemaker questioned why Shimkus had not called police, contacted the House Ethics Committee, convened a meeting of the page board or checked with other pages to see if the "alleged misconduct" was occurring with others.

"No. Instead he `talked' with the suspected offender, and proceeded to sweep it under the rug," Shoemaker said.

Shimkus said the House clerk referred the former Louisiana page's case to him, explaining the parents wanted the matter handled quietly. He said that request was why he did not say anything about it to the other page board members, including a Democrat.

"Because I keep faith and confidence with the parental request" for privacy, he said.

Shimkus said if there had been suspicion Foley was a "sexual predator" sooner, the matter would not have been referred to him as the chairman of the page board, but would have been turned over to law enforcement.

Foley has not been charged with any crime.
The title of this book, being written be the house republicans is, "How NOT to handle a sexual predator scandal." Power trumps all.


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