Sunday, November 05, 2006

Is Hart using last minute Rovian campaign tactics?

TORCH SONG. The battle for the 4th Congressional District seat between Republican incumbent Melissa Hart and Democrat challenger Jason Altmire certainly got heated last week.

Fire tends to do that.

Hart campaign manager Luke Myslinski contacted his counterpart on the Altmire campaign, Christina Stacey, expressing concern that Altmire supporters "may wind up hurting someone or destroying somebody's property."

He noted that a large Hart campaign sign at a prominent intersection was set on fire last weekend. "I trust you can agree that arson is an unacceptable campaign tactic," Myslinski wrote.

He also noted that Hart's signs are being defaced with preprinted stickers attempting to libel her.

Republican Chuck Schrankel of Ross said he and his neighbors were concerned -- "I've got a Melissa Hart sign in my front yard. Is someone going to firebomb it?" -- but not intimidated.

"I'll sit out there with a shotgun if I have to," he said.

Thankfully, he will have to do that only until Tuesday.

Sounds like a Rovian ratfuck to me....who remembers this?
In October of 1986, Rove was working for Republican Bill Clements in his race against then-Gov. Mark White. A few days before the candidates were to debate, Rove discovered a listening device that had been planted behind a needlepoint picture of an elephant hanging on his wall. The FBI investigated. Accusations and counteraccusations were made. But no charges were ever brought, and the matter slowly dissipated, amid general speculation that Rove had planted the bug himself.
After all Melissa Hart was a college Republican.


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