Monday, November 27, 2006

Jack Kelly - please go away

With the morbid curiosity of one who slows down to catch a glimpse of an auto accident I can't help every now and then, to read a Jack Kelly column. The latest is titled "Beware Iraq's neighbors." He hasn't changed a bit, I guess he missed the election or hasn't read the latest polls. From his column, here's a little bit of his neocon smut:

We are at war with Islamic extremism,
which is by no means restricted by the borders of Iraq. Many in the Democratic Party think we can quit the war in Iraq at little cost to ourselves, as we did in Vietnam 30 years ago. But this is a war that will follow us home.

Our enemies hate us because we are not like them, and they will go on trying to kill us unless we become like them, whether we are in Iraq or not. They cannot be appeased. We can destroy them, or let ourselves be destroyed by them. There are no other choices.

Yak, yak, yak ....same old talking points.

Let me just ask, Jack aren't you tired of being wrong and/or stupid? There's a history here. Let's take a walk down memory lane, and read some of your past brilliance.
Many in my generation get misty-eyed when JFK is mentioned. Bush could be for Generations X and Y what Kennedy was for us. - How Bush could be Generations X and Y's Kennedy ... and guarantee a GOP victory in the midterm elections, Jan. 21, 2002

But the key to victory is a regime change in Iraq. If that occurs, it is likely that other terror-supporting nations can be induced to mend their ways without resort to military force.
If Saddam Hussein were replaced by a quasi-democratic, sort of pro-Western government, then Iran would be flanked on either side by relatively free countries. This could bring about a regime change from within. - Don't rule out a quick victory --- even if prez says otherwise, Feb. 25, 2002

Should we fight Saddam Hussein now? Or should we wait until after he attacks us with nuclear weapons and kills millions of Americans? This is, astoundingly, an agonizing question for many liberals. - Saddam's American friends, April 8, 2002

Sen. Tom Daschle D-S.D., and Rep. Dick Gephardt, D-Mo., are a lot like Yasser Arafat. They launch terror attacks from ambush. When their attacks go awry, they deny ever having intended to do anyone harm. - Political terrorists, May 23, 2002

There is one other way in which war might be averted. It is the way preferred by the French, the Russians, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and many American liberals, and it would have tragic consequences for the United States. This is that Saddam will again successfully play the game of rope a dope with weapons inspectors that he has played for lo these many years, with the compliance of UN weenies who would just as soon see no evil. War would be delayed past the season for campaigning. The international coalition against Iraq would fizzle. Support for military action against Iraq in America would decline.

A number of conservative commentators have warned of this possibility, and it can't be ruled out. But I think the odds on it happening are infinitesimally small. Pundits Left and Right continue to underestimate the will and the wisdom of George W. Bush. - Why war with Iraq can be averted, Nov. 25, 2002

The French and the Germans consider themselves morally and intellectually superior to Americans generally, and to our "cowboy" president in particular. But they exceed us only in their arrogance, cowardice, and short-sighted greed. - The "Axis of Weasels," Feb. 3, 2003

But viewed in historical perspective, things in Iraq are pretty good, and getting better. The insurgents are a tiny — and dwindling — minority. Most of the country is at peace. Nobody is starving. Signs of reviving economic activity are everywhere. In no country in the Arab world are Americans as popular as they are in Iraq. - Blackout on progress in Iraq? 9/24/2003

The people who predicted that Afghanistan and the assault on Baghdad would be a "quagmires" are now telling you the insurgency in Iraq is growing. - Prez needs to adapt Nixon's Vietnamization program to Iraq, Jan. 17, 2005

The likely elevation of Howard (the Scream) Dean to the chair of the Democratic National Committee indicates many Democrats think they haven't been rude and confrontational and extreme enough.

But if Democrats obstruct just for the sake of obstruction — if the Loyal Opposition becomes the disloyal and distasteful opposition — the Democrats likely will be the Opposition for a long, long time to come. - Are the Democrats trying to lose the black vote? Jan. 31, 2005

It will be some months before the news media recognize it, and a few months more before they acknowledge it, but the war in Iraq is all but won. The situation is roughly analogous to the battle of Iwo Jima, which took place 60 years ago this month. It took 35 days before the island was declared secure, but the outcome was clear after day five, with the capture of Mt. Suribachi. - Jack Kelly: All but won, February 27, 2005

Jack Kelly:
I would say that it’s going very well and really a little better than we could have expected under the circumstances. From what I understand the amount of progress that we have made in just a bit over two years is astounding with all things considered. - The Jack Kelly Interview, 6/6/2005

Aren't you even a little bit embarrassed? How about an apology for your contribution to this mess we're stuck in.


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