Saturday, November 04, 2006

Taylor Marsh describes the significance of the military rejecting Rumsfeld

Bush and the Republican Congress have ignored pleas from retired generals for years. Now, in an unprecedented act, the Military Times Media Group is demanding Rumsfeld step down. It is unprecedented. They are offering this editorial on the eve of the election for one reason only. Our military establishment wants a change, is demanding that it happen now. Things are dire in Iraq, and the people currently in charge are not up to the task at hand. It is a rebuke of the most serious sort.

Underlying the editorial below is something else, an awakening. After years of refusing, Republicans have illustrated they cannot do the job. Bush is not capable of doing what any competent commander in chief would do. The U.S. military establishment is asking for the people to step in, regardless of their pronouncements to the contrary. Nothing could be any plainer, because it comes after Bush's stubborn stance that Rummy will stay until the end of his presidency.

Enough. Vote for change. The U.S. military has led the way.

Now if he would only take Cheney and Bush with him.


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